Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the services offered by Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd (“LORRYSEWA“) or (“We”, “Us”, or “Our”), a company incorporated under the laws of Malaysia, in terms for your use of our services as contained in https://www.lorrysewa.com (Website).


Due to the features of our services, delivery deadlines will not be binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. Our contractual obligations are subject to a case to case basis based on your request and additional charges may apply.


Links from or to websites outside this website (https://www.lorrysewa.com ) are meant for convenience only. Such linked websites are owned and operated by third parties and as such are not under the control of the LORRYSEWA. Therefore the LORRYSEWAshall not be responsible and makes no warranties in respect of the contents of those websites, the third parties named therein or their products and services. Furthermore, the links provided in this website shall not be considered an endorsement or verification or approval of such linked websites or the contents therein. Linking to any other site is at your sole risk and LORRYSEWA will not be responsible or liable for any damages in connection with linking. Besides, we are using IPAY88 merchant services to handle the whole transaction between LORRYSEWA and customers.


There is nothing in this terms and conditions shall require the driver/mover to perform pick-up or delivery service at any location from or to which it is impracticable, through no faults or neglect of the mover to operate vehicles because of:

  • The condition of roads, streets, alleys and driveways;
  • Inadequate loading or unloading facilities; or
  • The authority of law, strikes or labour unrest the existence of violence, or such possible disturbances as to create reasonable apprehension of danger to person or property.


There are a number of prohibitions for the use of LORRYSEWA services. The following cases are specifically strictly prohibited:

  • NO Hazardous Materials to be carried but is not limited to: explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives.
  • NO firearms, ammunition or other explosive materials.
  • NO illegal goods.
  • Mover does not hold out to transport jewellery, currency, documents items of unusual value or rare metals. Unless otherwise indicated herein or agreed to by contract.
  • Drivers/Mover shall not be required to accept for transportation any customers items which exceeds gazetted by Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) and Road Transport Department (JPJ) weight limit or which occupies more than the full visible capacity of the lorry (vehicle) which is provided or size of lorry that have been booked prior to pick up date even if the lorry provided may be able to carry the excess load.


Pick-ups and deliveries shall be made between 0800 and 2200 hrs local time unless special arrangement already been made and agreed upon for timing beyond previously mentioned time. Appointments shall be made at no charge. Mover shall not be liable for late deliveries or appointments due to circumstances beyond mover’s control such as but not limited to weather and traffic conditions, store loading and wait times, customer special requests, and other unexpected barriers to loading or unloading.


Mover/driverhas no responsibility for insuring or otherwise providing for clearance of lorry through or inspection by premise’s management. Mover is not responsible for the application for entry permit into pickup or delivery premise if the management rule and regulation require entry pass or permit to be applied beforehand. Mover shall not be liable for loss, damage, reduction units of the goods or delay in delivery due to the process for management clearance or inspection.


Mover/driverhas no responsibility for insuring or otherwise providing for clearance of lorry through or inspection by premise’s management. Mover is not responsible for the application for entry permit into pickup or delivery premise if the management rule and regulation require entry pass or permit to be applied beforehand. Mover shall not be liable for loss, damage, reduction units of the goods or delay in delivery due to the process for management clearance or inspection.


Mover/driver shall allow at least (one) or (two) hour of waiting time both for loading and unloading to begin. Such time shall commence from the time the mover arrived or from the time the mover was requested to wait for loading or unloading to start, whichever is later.


Any cancellation shall be made BEFORE twenty-four (24) hours of scheduled pick-up by informing Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn. Bhd. Office, admin staff or operational teams via call, Whatsapp or SMS.

If the mover already arrived discovers, through communication with the customer, that the customer’s items are not eligible for the Services due to not limited to, items under the “TRANSPORT AND GOODS LIMITATIONS” list and/or incorrect information provided by the customer that make the moving process unable to proceed.


Whenever any additional license or permits are required, such aswarehouse entrance pass, foreign commerce, customs fee and premise’s management deposit fee, the charge shall be arranged and provided by the customer and not the mover.If and/or when mover(s) are refused entry due to improper documentation, the fee of 50% from the booking total price or RM200 will be assessed accordingly. Additional fees for driver and storage detention will also be applicable.

  • TAILGATE UNITS - Additional fees is set by the driver/mover itself.
  • LOADS ITEMS AT MOVERS FACILITY - Mover will set their own rate to customer.

Customer shall be responsible party for payment of or reimbursement to mover, for any fines resulting from excess weight or dimension of any shipment that causes the mover to be in violation of any local, state, or federal law. Fines incurred for equipment defects are the responsibility of the equipment owner


Mover will make pickups and deliveries on the same day/next day the booking was made (Express booking) for an additional charge calculated based on the lorry trip price.


The following provisions by government, additional stops in transit to partially load or unload, except as otherwise specifically provided.

  • Items received from one receiver at one point at one time in one booking, may be stopped in transit for partial loading and/or unloading only at points within the scope of mover’s operations or as otherwise agreed by mover.
  • The request for additional drop off/ delivery must designate the following:
    • Stop-off point or points and places.
    • The quantities, markings, and description of articles to be loaded or unloaded
    • The name, contact number and address of the party authorized to accept item for unloading at point of stop-off.
  • The party or parties authorized and designated by the customer to accept at a point or place of stop-off may be the same or other than the customer in the booking details.
  • Additional charges on item(s) stopped to partially load or unload must be prepaid or guaranteed by the customer.
  • The rate that customer shall pay for mover’s stop-off service shall be assessed at the rate applicable from point of origin to stop-off location and/or from one stop-off location to another stop-off location in addition to the original charge for point-of-origin to the final destination.


You undertake the Services at your own risk and agrees to indemnify LORRYSEWA and its employees against all costs, losses, damages, expenses, liabilitiesand any claim arising from your own actions in any way in connection with the Services, or a breach of your obligations as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.LORRYSEWA is not liable in any way for any costs, expenses, damages, liability or injury that relates with the services. This limitation does not exclude any liability for negligence by LORRYSEWA or death or personal injury arising out of such negligence.


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between the parties relating to the services and replace all prior representations, agreements, negotiations or understandings. Except as specifically set out here, all conditions, warranties and representatives expressed or implied by law are excluded.

This agreement governs the rights and obligations of Merchant signing the Merchant Application Form to which this agreement is deemed to be attached between LORRYSEWA and their drivers who registered.


The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the relationship between the parties in connection with the use of the Web ( https://www.lorrysewa.com ) and Mobile Application of LORRYSEWA.COM by the Merchant.

The Web and Mobile Application has been designed with a view to providing services to prospective LORRYSEWA drivers (partners) of such information.


Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd by “LORRYSEWA.COM” provides the booking job by customers to drivers/operators of transportation company seeking to establish Web and Mobile Application for the clients/customers and their drivers.

Web and Mobile Application will become LIVE only when the drivers/operators has activated and approved all information through the website,management or written communication.


The drivers/operators is required to create a personal/grouping account with Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd if the drivers/operators wishes to engage and use benefits of the ServicesbyFlyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd.

All rates are in Ringgit Malaysia


Any disputes regarding the Web and Mobile Application will be between the Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd of LORRYSEWA and each drivers/operators. It is expressly agreed that LORRYSEWA of Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd is not responsible, and shall have no liability towards Merchant or their drivers/operators, with respect to any transaction which between customers and Ipay88.


This agreement shall be governed by Malaysian law in every particular including formation and interpretation. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this Agreement may only be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Malaysia.


Time shall be of the essence wherever mentioned in this agreement.


Each party most do all things necessary (including, but not limited to, executing all documents) to give effect to this agreement.


LORRYSEWA of Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd can provides their drivers with an invoice or receipt upon request stating Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd fees in relation to the Services provided by the Merchant.

Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd. shall on a (two) weeks basis or at a specific basis, will debit the Merchant’s bank account for the value of the drivers/operators transaction for the value of the profit sharing trigger level set in the system based on the accumulated value of the drivers/operators transactions as entered into the Web and Mobile Application.

LORRYSEWA of Flyfoods (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd is authorized to collect payment on behalf of drivers/operators. None cash payments to the drivers/operators for each of their services due to restrictions and also terms and conditions by the company.

Date of release for drivers/operators payments – Approximately on Wednesday , on 1st and 3rd weeks of every months upon receipt of transaction settlement from Merchants. Merchant is charging 20% for drivers and 15% for Operators from each total booking price.