1) Q:What types of service does LORRYSEWACOM provide?

A) LORRYSEWACOM providestransport services to customers around Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. ( by land only )

2) Q:How do I book an order? Do I need to register first?

A: For individual order, you can book online with no registration required. For more frequent shipping,kindlyContact usif you need assistance choosing the right solution for your business.

3) Q:Where can I find prices/quotations for our services?

A: Customer needs to choose location of items pick-up and delivery to get the free quotations. Then, the website or mobile apps will show all available drivers around customer’s location and their prices. Then job is assigned to customer selections. Any changing of driver’s will be update by Lorrysewa.com operations side. Prices rate could be same among driver,could be cheaper or higher, basically base on type of driver’s vehicles such as its ages, bonded type and canvas cover type.

4) Q:How do prices calculated?

A:Lorrysewa.com has a minimum and basic pricing for our transport trip/ movers, but pricing is all depends on types of vehicle choose by customers, transport moving mileage and how many people,helper involve in the job.

5) Q:How to do a payment?

A:Lorrysewa.com is currently using Ipay88 as the merchant for clients/customers method to do payment of our services.All transaction is secure and Lorrysewa.com is responsible with the method of payment.

6) Q: What is Lorrysewa.com booking time?

A: Customers is advice to do booking as early as 48hours before driver’s pick up time.But any urgent delivery should be done in 24hours ( next day booking ) to smoother the operations.

7) Q: How is the security of customer’s items?

A) All customer’s items receive and send by the drivers will be covered by insurance, with a maximum RM250 coverage if facing any damages.The drivers is choose by us based on very strict selection to make sure the operations is running smoothly.

8) Q: What if I don't know the destination postcode?

A: If you don't know the destination postcode, please check with the receiver or contact us. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.

9) Q:How do I change or cancel a booking request?

A:To change or cancel your booking, please contact us.( TnC apply )

10) Q: Which destinations does LORRYSEWA.COMcovers?

A: Our website and mobile apps provides information on all the destinations we can ship to from your location.We do covers NATIONWIDE including Sarawak and Sabah.

11) Q: Can I travel with the driver?

A) Yes, you can travel in the van with the driver, but if you have booked an additional helper then only one person can travel with the driver.

12) Q:Do I have to pay to book through Lorrysewa?

A) Yes, once booking customers to do payment to our merchant which is Ipay88. Any cancellation will be refunded by Lorrysewa.com . Terms and conditions applied.

13) Q: How safe and secure is my online payment?

A) We use IPAY88, a company which is respected throughout global the for its services and, which holds an excellent track record. Additionally, we have integrated our system with reliable online banking institutions in the country (Maybank2you, Cimbclicks, etc)

14) Q: Are your goods covered with the essential insurance?

A) Absolutely, all goods are protected with insurance under Transit and Liability Insurance.

15) Q: What happens if my belongings are damaged in transit?

A) Should there be any items that are damaged during the process of transportation, the driver will either make the necessary arrangement to pay for the damage at the location or arrange for his insurance company to settle the payment to you. We would also advise that you contact us so that we can provide you assistance and support throughout the process - [email protected] ( TnC apply )

16) Q: Does my quote include things like congestion charge and road toll charges?

A) It does not. We do advise our drivers to avoid imposing any extra cost wherever possible. Since there are no congestion charges on weekends and public holidays. Toll expenses is included in the total charges.

17) Q: Can I make a booking for drivers in less than four hours?

A) No, the minimum time for booking is 24hours.( Next day booking )

18) Q: Do I pay for park and display machine charges?

A) Yes, you will have to bear all parking expenses.

19) Q: Do I receive confirmation once the booking is done?

A) Yes, you will be immediately notified. We will send you an email confirmation with information relating to your move.

20) Q: Can I make stops in-between the pickup and destination?

A) Yes, you may but you will be charged for every additional stop. There is no limit to the number of stops you can make during your move.

21) Q: Can I travel with the driver?

A) Yes, you can travel in the vehicle with the driver, but if you have booked an additional helper then only one person can travel with the driver.

22) Q: Can I incur extra charges when I move?

A) Certainly. Some of these charges include, overtime, congestion charge, toll road charges, ferry crossing, additional stops, pay for parking, stairs. Some drivers may also offer a mantle and dismantle service which you can discuss with the driver.

23) Q: Can I incur extra charges when I move?

A) Yes, you can. In fact we would recommend that you discuss the changes in the best of your interest. Kindly call our admin via +601157766001 or email us to [email protected] .

24) Q: Is there a charge for cancellations?

A) If you cancel your booking within 7 working days prior to your proposed date, we will refund you in full. However, if you cancel it within 3 days or less you will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

25) Q: Does my quote include SST?

A) Absolutely NO

At Lorrysewa, we recognize the fact that plans generally change whenever you are relocating or simply moving items around and with this in mind, we have made adjustments to accommodate each and every customer. We also understand the need to protect our drivers by allowing them to plan their work schedule based on the bookings or reservations made the week or weeks prior to their working week. So If you cancel your reservation before (7) working days or more, we will not charge you for that cancellation and any payment made will be refunded to you credit card. However, if you cancel your reservation before (3) working days or less before the booking due date, we will apply a 50% cancellation fee. In the event a credit or debit card was used to secure the booking, 50% will be refunded to that account. If you wish to change your booking for a future date, we will hold the payment made except in cases where you cancel; at which point the cancellation policy previously mentioned will be enforced.

Considering ALL DRIVERS is agree to do job on weekdays, weekend and public holidays is all depends on their availability. Customers can check via apps. If drivers to cancel or reject job, Lorrysewa.com operational teams will assigned it manually. For refund assistance, kindly contact us:

1) Tel: +6011-57766001 ( Admin )or

2) Email:[email protected]